Your Body is The Engine,
Your Mind is Engineer.

'Globalhealth' aims to provide accessible healthcare and wellness resources worldwide, regardless of socioeconomic status and location. The initiative promotes healthcare as a right and reduces health disparities caused by economic and social disadvantage. It also advocates for environmentally conscious healthcare practices and policies to foster sustainable health outcomes. Ultimately, 'globalhealth' aims to enhance the quality of life worldwide by supporting healthcare initiatives.

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Diabetes is a long-term medical disorder characterized by high blood glucose levels.



Obesity is a medical condition identified by a large amount of body fat that can seriously harm your health.

Drug allergy


Allergies are reactions of the immune system that occur when the body reacts to a foreign chemical substance as if it were harmful.

Human Brain


Migraine is a specific headache that often comes with symptoms such as sensitivity to light, sound, and smells, as well as nausea and vomiting

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