We hope and pray that at this moment of time each and everyone of us is having a good mental health but everyone out of us in our lives want to know that what is basically mental health mean and why is mental health important. Actually mental health varies for a person throughout our lives especially when some difficult situation or event or changes comes to our lives.

Being physically healthy is also important and taking care of our mental health is also important. It’s part of our everyday discourse to be aspirational. With everyday getting around we want to feel more physically fit, healthy, have a balance in our health, having a healthy diet, and not prone to minor health related issues. It is self known fact that we can’t be fit without working out on it, especially when we are facing some kind of health related issues. Even maintaining a physically healthy body is not that easy without paying attention to it.

Even having a good mental health is more beneficial than having a good physical health as per what the research says. Having a positive mental outlook gives a boost to the rate and speed of recovery from serious and even life threatening situations.

So, getting a look on what are the essentials for having a good mental health:


It is one of the best known ones. Having probably good close relation and gives an answer to why is mental health important. Having a wider network of network of friends, acquaintances and colleagues  gives us more positivity.


It is meant for development and learning as well as it helps us in growing faster. As we get adult we become more fearful to the increasing changes happening in the life, unwilling to learn new skills and putting ourselves in unfamiliar situations. But it hampers our mental growth and slows us down.


It can be related as the way we choose to interpret our experiences and our responses to them. In all our lives we have different stories, which we don’t want to tell to others. We have the full authority to be a hero, villain or the victim of our story. And however we do this will have an impact on our health.


It means sense of balance, and ability to balance our thoughts and emotions. If we conclude it means our ability to respond and not to react. A mentally healthy person will feel an inner strength of spirit, and get the ways to support it.


It means the childlike, fun aspects of our mind’s to react to different situations. Being a child we are always creative and we play around as well without getting feared. But as we grow old our nature of creative thinking slows down with time. And as per studies being creative therapeutic effect.

Keeping these things in mind one should get of the answers to why is mental health important.

Thanks for reading!