You can’t always assure that your kid might not get affected by coughing problem but this kind of problem is not unavoidable. There always some pros and some cons associated with with each season and every activity and it pains a lot when you see your kid suffering from any pain. There is not particular season that affects the child’s coughing problem. There are different constraints that have an effect a kid by coughing problem and you can’t always avoid each of these constraints. Adopting natural and home remedies for cough for kids will help to get the coughing problem avoided or cured without much of effort.

So, here we are listing some of the home remedies for this coughing problem and you must try to get some of these remedies to be included in your kids daily routine as they have help to gain immunity as well.

Having Chamomile Tea

Try having chamomile tea in your meal plan for three times a week. As it has anti-inflammatory effects and gives relax to the body. But before having just assure that your kid is not allergic to it. There are other tea options also available to consume but just before having it refer to your pediatrician.

Having Honey-Lemon Tea

For cough related problems honey&lemon tea is always a best option to get into your meal plan but should be given to kids older than one year. Due to honey it has delectable taste and is enriched with vitamin C, which is must for resistance power of body. For added goodness you can go for adding Ginger in it and some spices like black pepper, Grounded clove, black salt and black pepper, which will give a good taste to it as well as add nutrition to it.

Turmeric Milk

Giving Turmeric Milk whether having cold or not is beneficial for the health. as turmeric has a good number of medicinal properties and can be given during morning as well as during night if your child is having cold. And as it tastes good as well it will not be a problem to have it also.

Garlic-Carom Seeds

As garlic is having anti bacterial and anti viral properties it is good for developing resistance properties for body. You just have to roast 2 cloves Garlic and 1/2-1 teaspoon carom seeds. Toss them up for nest 2-3 minutes and let them cool. After ti gets cooled, put it in muslin cloth and get it close to your kid’s pillow or can even try to tie this on his arm. This will give relief to the blocked nose through the slight fragrance oozing out of it while sleeping.

So, we think that we are able to give you some good remedies for curing your kids cough problem and you will try these remedies at your home. And if you have any questions related with these home remedies for cough for kid feel free to get in touch with us and we will try our best to get all your queries solved.

Thanks for reading!